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Nov 11, 2019

“We just sail through.”

And so we did. No flash, no psychedelic effects, it was like walking through a door. On one side, we left behind the world’s largest ocean; on the other, we entered a body of water nearly twice the size.

Performed by Jacquie Martin

Oct 28, 2019

Fallen leaves swirl beneath the feet of devils, witches, and demons. Flame is put to ten hundred thousand wicks, making faces glow through the dark October night. You crush a sweet thing between your teeth as you wait. You do not know for what but you know it will be unusual.

It must be time for more snips, and it must be time for Halloween.

Featuring Anthony Botelho, Joey Graff, Rachel Hart, Alexander Saxton, and Chelsea Jayne Bray.

Oct 21, 2019

Shavash Day came on a cold October morning, the year that I lived there. Stumbling to the window, I saw people already lining the grey streets, dressed in drab traditional attire, or the Red and Grey of the Caraghian flag. Something that struck me, even from the window, was that nobody looked happy. They all just stood, waiting without anticipation, listening to the music without clapping their hands.

Oct 14, 2019

“But that’s not fair,” she whispered. Her grandmother grinned at her, mouth very wide, long yellow-grey teeth clicking as they met.

“Get used to it,” she said. “It’s an unfair world. You’re going to have to learn that if you want to run the Company someday."

Oct 7, 2019

It was an hour past sunset, which in this land is earlier than you might think it, when there was a knock on our door. Not abnormal at that hour, but not common. In this land work is best done under what meagre sunlight there is, and the night is best left to its creatures.

Oct 1, 2019

Something Wrong is back.

Aug 19, 2019

That’s not to say I ever stopped fearing fish, but by the time I stepped through the doors of the aquarium that fear had been buried under 16 straight years of education and exposure. I thought I had it beat.

But you’re not here for the story of my life. You’re here for the story of the Darkfish.

Aug 5, 2019

“And what do you ask in return?” She said.
The Druj shook her head at the question, as though saddened by a small, suspicious mind.
“My child,” she said. “Who made you so mistrustful? I ask almost nothing in return. A small inconvenience, and quickly mended.”

Performed by Ashlie White

Jul 22, 2019

So staring at this painting every day, well, you can imagine the kinds of tricks my mind started playing on me. Or at least, that I thought it was playing on me.

Subtle things at first. I’d let the colours blend, imagine the trees blowing in the wind and the water moving with the tide. It was only four months ago that the... strangeness began.

Jul 8, 2019

But the Hunter was not fazed; if anything, their tawny eyes seemed to catch light. They passed back and forth in front of the dead animal, examining it from many angles, clicking their tongue.

“Do you know,” said the Hunter, turning to their followers. “I think the animal did this on purpose. To frighten us. I think this ‘Tiger’ may be the one we’ve been looking for.”

Jun 24, 2019

It was the sort of place with the same number of people in it at 11am and 2am, and often the exact same ones. You could stick your head in the door at noon, and it would already be night inside. The people who drank there had been banished from the day.

Jun 10, 2019

The solitude, on the other hand, was, what’s the word? Palpable. I wasn’t at all prepared for it. They tried to tell us, but it’s something you can’t really understand until you go through it. Knowing you’re 3 trillion klicks away from the closest human. Well, the closest human who isn’t asleep.

Written by Mary Gillis, and performed by Jordi O'Dael and Alexander Saxton.

May 27, 2019

I remember even now, holding tight to my brother Thorsten’s arm as our grandmother described the Draugr’s corpse-blue flesh, his long fingernails, and how he crept away at night to gorge on the blood of children in their cradles. But as I say, such tales are no longer encouraged. The Christians say we have eternal life, and dislike the suggestion there is something unnatural about wanting to live forever.

May 13, 2019

The meat hissed as it slapped onto the grill, and the Pit Master pressed down with his chrome spatula, not hard enough to release the juices, but enough to sear the geometry of the cooking grate into the beef.

Apr 29, 2019

“It was big.”
“How big?”
I saw it a few nights after that. I was sitting in the kitchen, and I heard what I thought was the cat, coming down the hall. It wasn’t the cat. But it wasn’t much smaller, either.

Apr 15, 2019

Tradition has it they come out of the mountains once a year at Golowan Night, in midsummer, to visit the Town. They walk the streets; see what’s changed, and then they take one thing back with them.

Performed by Jonathan Shaboo.

Apr 1, 2019

From a central column, it branched upward; a disturbingly fleshy plant corralled into a rigid, diamond lattice. It had no leaves, which I thought strange; so few plants are ever out of season in a greenhouse.

Performed by Annelise Hawrylak.

Mar 18, 2019

Antlers are the fastest growing bone in the animal kingdom. In June and July, the antlers of a White-tailed deer can grow as fast as an inch a day. An inch. In order to grow so quickly, the bones need blood; lots of it, and so they’re covered in a thin, soft tissue filled with blood vessels. Velvet.

Mar 4, 2019

I am currently standing in the biomedical laboratories of the *REDACTED*—or simply the Institute, as I shall here on refer to it as—and am just outside of the main lab. In front of me is the holotype, species yet unnamed, currently thawing after being put on ice to best preserve its tissue.

Feb 18, 2019

Don’t worry though. I know I look a little intimidating to everyday people, but I promise there’s a reason for the way I look. I’m not gonna talk your ear off, either. I know most people hate having people next to them on the bus, but I’m usually able to change their minds.

But enough about me. Where are you going?

Performed by Joey Graff.

Feb 4, 2019

The rest of her pregnancy was without complication. The town marvelled; many had been sure she would die. But she had picked up a strange habit. It was remarked on in town how she would leave her home in the evenings, and walk along water’s edge in the marsh, even until long after dark.

Performed by Tara Wink.

Jan 21, 2019

See, what you oughta do is get yourself an older vehicle. Take the Chimera for example. That engine has been running smooth and clean for over 60 years. With a few replacement parts, of course. They just don’t make cars like this anymore.

Say, could you hand me that flathead over there? The missing leg makes walking to the tool bench a real pain.

Jan 7, 2019

Open your eyes. Don’t fall asleep, you mustn’t fall asleep. You have to stay awake, or the crows will eat you. Some think that they go for the eyes first, but it’s always the tongue. They take your tongue so you cannot cry for help, then leave you to bleed. The eyes they save for last.

Performed by Thomas Gough.

Dec 25, 2018

You've been so good this year that we decided to leave you an extra little something in your stocking. Just make sure to give it a few good whacks before reaching in, to make absolute sure that it's dead.

Performed by Anthony Botelho and Tara Wink.

Dec 24, 2018

Later, I found out it was the coldest that day had been in a hundred years. I’m convinced I nearly died on the road that afternoon. And there’d be times that night when I wasn’t sure I hadn’t, and that the cabin I’d arrived at wasn’t hell.

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