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Dec 25, 2018

You've been so good this year that we decided to leave you an extra little something in your stocking. Just make sure to give it a few good whacks before reaching in, to make absolute sure that it's dead.

Performed by Anthony Botelho and Tara Wink.

Dec 24, 2018

Later, I found out it was the coldest that day had been in a hundred years. I’m convinced I nearly died on the road that afternoon. And there’d be times that night when I wasn’t sure I hadn’t, and that the cabin I’d arrived at wasn’t hell.

Dec 10, 2018

The letters swam, spilling into different words, which I read as they appeared.

“The crowning achievement of the Greatest and Best was Universal Discovery. Our voyagers found the outermost edge of the universe. Do you understand? The absolute end of everything. We found the answers we were looking for, and the answers you are looking for. We built this monument afterwards. Come and see.”

Performed by Amaka Umeh, and featuring Chris Vergara and Anthony Botelho.

Nov 26, 2018

I never thought a hospital could be so pleasant. It began to feel like a home and besides the healing, visits from friends, and watching some of the trashiest daytime TV you can imagine, it was a pretty uneventful winter for me.

Except for that one night of course.

Performed by Hugh Ritchie.

Nov 12, 2018

Not long after Thomas’ return, I started noticing strange things in and around the house. Noises at first, at night. Something like the sound of distant thunder. Boom… boom… boom… off in the distance, in the middle of the night. Oddly, at around the same time Thomas would leave bed.

Performed by Rachel Hart.

Oct 29, 2018

The chill wind blows and carries the smell of pumpkin rot. Creatures and bones and things peer from every home. The doorbell rings in the dead of night on a dark street. Do you dare answer? It must be time for more snips, and it must be time for Halloween.

Featuring, in order of appearance, Anthony Botelho, Rachel Hart, Jacob Duarte Spiel, Alexander Saxton, Hugh Ritchie, Liz Der, Chris Vergara, Margaret Rose, and Jada Rifkin.

Oct 22, 2018

Now, that all sounds a bit dispassionate and business-minded when I listen to myself. This isn’t supposed to be a sales pitch. No… please don’t mistake me as being blase, this work really is my passion. As are the pigs.

Oct 15, 2018

The sun was right overhead. It was so hot I thought the plastic wheels of my travel bag would melt to the pavement. As I turned from the parking lot down the side of the highway, the fresh dose of codeine washed over me, like white surf on a sunlit beach. The pills made everything even brighter and hazier. I felt like I was floating on the thick humid air, floating down the road like a raft down a warm stream.

Performed by Liz Der.



Oct 8, 2018

"It’s dangerous to face them alone. You must have others with you, others you trust, even if it puts them in danger." That's what Laudens told me when I first became the Catcher. It was the soundest of advice. And yet, sometimes we do not have the luxury of following sound advice.

Featuring Thomas Gough.

Oct 1, 2018

Sit tight folks, We're Taking Calls. Followed by announcements for Season 3.

Featuring Alexander Saxton, Jada Rifkin, and Anthony Botelho.

Jan 29, 2018

She would stand in purple darkness, back pressed against one of the marble pillars supporting the window’s arch, and strain her ears to catch scraps of conversation as they drifted up through the purple leaves and white flowers of the citrus trees. In Constantinople, somebody was always listening.

Stay tuned for updates on Season 3.

Jan 22, 2018

And then, some strange, lingering sense of wrongness resolved itself into a realization. The people at this party were strange. They were all slightly too long and slender in the limbs and body. They all moved the same way, with the same liquid nonchalance.

Featuring Alexander Saxton, Mirka Loiselle, and Louis-Alexandre Boulet.

Jan 15, 2018

But on one night – it was late in the fall, I think – a foreign sound leaked into my father’s left ear, the one with the hearing aid. He took out the device and shook it, a habit that seemed to help, like the way you might hit an old radio to get it back to its senses. But when he put it back in, the sound didn’t disappear; if anything, it became a little clearer.

Jan 8, 2018

She looked down at her drink, and tilted it to watch the fluid stick to the sides of the glass. She wrinkled her nose. He’d said it was “Bessenjenniver,” a specialty, and the bartender had poured her a thick shot in a yellowed tumbler, after unscrewing the cap and tearing open a crust of old sugar. For this, he had charged the absurd sum of 35 cents.

Featuring Frances Loiselle and Alexander Saxton

Jan 1, 2018

Another collection of stories, tales of strange beasts and far-flung places. None of them a beginning or an ending, all of them short.

Featuring Arun Varma, Kevin Matthew Wong, and Rachel Hart.